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Vivo launches its V19 in Morocco

Vivo has just launched its “selfie smartphone”, the V19, in Morocco. Featuring a 32MP + 8MP super wide-angle dual camera and a 6.44-inch screen, Super Amoled FHD + Ultra O, the V19 offers an innovative consumer experience. Taking into account the current health context, the smartphone can be delivered to shoppers with a Vivo box.

“Vivo is determined to innovate by putting the customer at the center of its thinking. The V19 reflects our deep understanding of consumer needs. With dedicated selfie technology, modern design and solid performance, the V19 is perfect for young consumers who value the camera’s functionality as much as its entertainment dimension,” said Jet Xu, Vivo’s Middle East and Africa Business Manager. “The V19 is an innovative smartphone designed to embrace the lifestyles of young consumers. Incorporating a dual front camera that offers significant benefits to enthusiasts

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of selfies compared to other smartphones in its class, the V19 is a real breakthrough in the MEA market. ยป