It was the occasion to announce the historic decision of the United States of America to recognize the full and complete sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco over its Sahara.

King Mohammed VI held a telephone interview today with Mr. Donald TRUMP, President of the United States of America. This interview provided the opportunity for the two heads of state to consult on regional and international issues of common interest.

It was the occasion to announce the historic decision of the United States of America to recognize the full and complete sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco over its Sahara. This decision is the result of intense consultations on the subject between the two heads of state over several years.

In fact, President Trump promulgated on the same day a presidential decree, which this act represents as an undeniable legal and political force and with immediate effect, on the decision of the United States of America to recognize, for the first time in its history, the full sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco over the entire region of the Moroccan Sahara. Within this framework, and as the first concrete expression of its major sovereign initiative, the United States has decided to open a consulate in Dakhla, with a primarily economic vocation, with a view to encouraging American investment and contributing to economic and social development, particularly for the benefit of the inhabitants of the southern provinces.

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On this occasion, the sovereign expressed, on his own behalf and on behalf of all the Moroccan people, to the American president his deep gratitude to the United States of America for this historic position. The King also conveyed his sincere gratitude to the American president and his team for this frank and unequivocal support for the Moroccan Sahara; a support that reinforces the powerful strategic partnership between the two countries and raises it to the level of a true alliance that encompasses all areas.

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The King underlined that, although the opportunity to meet directly with the President has not arisen, consultations and coordination have continued, especially since the visit of Mr. Jared Kushner, advisor to President Trump, in May 2018, which was decisive on several issues, including this topic; as well as through contacts, exchange of delegations and several unofficial visits.

This constructive position of the United States of America reinforces the dynamics of the consecration of the Moroccan Sahara, confirmed by the support positions of a group of friendly countries, as well as by the decisions of many countries to open consulates in our southern provinces. It also follows the decisive and effective intervention of the Royal Armed Forces in the Guerguerat area, in order to maintain security and stability in this part of the Moroccan territory and to ensure the free movement of people and goods with the brotherly African countries.

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During the same interview, the king and the U.S. president exchanged views on the current situation in the Middle East region. In this regard, the King evoked the consistent and balanced positions of the Kingdom of Morocco on the Palestinian question, emphasizing that Morocco supports a solution based on two states living together in peace and security, and that negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli parties remain the only way to achieve a final, lasting and comprehensive settlement of this conflict.

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In his capacity as Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee emanating from the Islamic Cooperation Organization, the King stressed the need to preserve the special status of this city. The Sovereign also insisted on respect for the freedom to practice religious rites for followers of the three monotheistic religions, as well as respect for the Muslim seal of Al-Quds Asharif and Al-Aqsa Mosque, in accordance with the appeal of Al-Quds/Jerusalem signed by the King, Commander of the Believers, and Pope Francis, during the visit of His Holiness to Rabat on March 30, 2019. Given the historical role Morocco has always played in bringing the peoples of the region closer and in promoting peace and stability in the Middle East, and taking into account the special ties that bind the Jewish community of Moroccan origin, including in Israel, to the person of the King, the Sovereign informed the U.S. President that Morocco intends to:

  • To grant authorizations for direct flights for the transport of members of the Moroccan Jewish community and Israeli tourists to and from Morocco;
  • Resume official bilateral contacts and diplomatic relations as soon as possible;
  • Promote innovative relations in the economic and technological spheres, and, to this end, work for the reopening of liaison offices in both countries, as was done previously and for several years until 2002.
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The King stressed that these measures in no way affect Morocco’s permanent and sustained commitment to the just Palestinian cause and its determination to continue contributing effectively and constructively to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.

The King, and the U.S. President, then evoked the efforts made to resolve the crisis at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council. In this regard, the King expressed the hope that the positive developments registered will lead to the realization of the desired reconciliation.