Home News Three more weeks of confinement in Morocco, until June 10

Three more weeks of confinement in Morocco, until June 10

The Moroccan government is going to extend the “state of health emergency”, which includes home confinement, for three more weeks until 10 June.

This has just been announced before an extraordinary session of the two chambers of parliament by the President of the Government, Saadedin Otmani, who argued that Morocco “puts the health of its citizens before all other considerations”.

“There is no better option than that,” said Otmani, who said the epidemiological situation “is stable and under control, but it is not reassuring,” at a time when the country is racking up 192 deaths and 3,732 cases of contagion.

He said it was worrying that a large number of the cases of contagion had occurred in family and industrial outbreaks, but he said the epidemiological figures were generally positive: the spread of the virus or R0 is 0.9; the percentage of deaths among those affected is 2.8% and the critical cases are only 1%.

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Otmani said that the announcement of the extension of confinement will be formalized tomorrow in a Council of Ministers, and after that the government prepares its “de-escalation plan.

With this announcement, Otmani reveals one of the doubts they were planning in the country, and that is whether the end of Ramadan – which causes a lot of displacement – would be celebrated with confinement measures, as it will finally be.

60 new cases this Monday
A total of 60 new cases of infection by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed in Morocco until today Monday at 10:00 am, bringing the total number of contamination cases to 6930, the Health Ministry announced.

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The number of people cured rose to 3,732 with 72 new recoveries, while the number of deaths remained at 192, the Ministry said on the website www.covidmaroc.ma.

On the other hand, the number of cases discarded after negative laboratory tests reached 87,665, added the same source.

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The Ministry invites citizens to respect the rules of hygiene and health security, as well as preventive measures taken by the Moroccan authorities, showing responsibility and patriotism.


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