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Television is the primary source of information about Covid-19

A report by the Office of the High Commissioner for Planning revealed that Moroccan families mainly use national radio and television channels to follow the development of the Coronavirus pandemic.

HCP said that a survey revealed that during the period 14-23 April, most Moroccan heads of household used mainly national radio and television, with a rate of 87 per cent, to follow news of the development of the Covid-19 pandemic in Morocco, noting that this percentage is higher in rural areas compared to urban areas, with 93 per cent and 84 per cent respectively.

The HCP said that social networks are at the bottom of the list with 6%. They are used as a source of information in urban and rural areas at 8% and 2% respectively. These networks are used as a source of information among 18% of heads of household with a high level of education, compared to 3% among those with no education.

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HCP’s research on the effect of Coronavirus on Moroccan families involved a representative sample of 2,350 families from different socio-economic classes and from both urban and rural areas. The objectives of the survey included understanding the level of effectiveness of containment, knowledge of coronavirus-infected families, precautions, home supplies of consumer products and hygiene equipment, sources of income in containment, access to education and training, access to health services, and psychological impact.

Given the containment conditions and the health emergency, HCP added, the survey was conducted by telephone using the electronic card assembly method.

HCP explained that about 8 out of 10 families, or 79%, fully complied with the containment rules put in place to counter the spread of the pandemic, and that this percentage was split between 83% in urban areas and 69% in rural areas.

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It should be noted that 2M reported that its audience rate increased so much that a special bulletin on the Coronavirus broke audience records and revealed that 12,378,000 people watched the bulletin.

The same channel also achieved an exceptional audience during Ramadan with 55% at peak time, which indicates that some programs have reached an audience rate, the highest ever recorded since the implementation of the audience measurement system in Morocco in 2008.

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