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Renault executives repatriated to Morocco: the confusion of Moroccans stranded abroad

While nearly 32,000 Moroccans are still stranded around the world, dozens of Renault executives were allowed to return to Morocco yesterday, Tuesday, May 26.

For its part, the Moroccan government remains silent about this decision, while our citizens have been demanding their return for the past 3 months.

The information was first relayed by our colleague Le Desk, but has not been confirmed, however, neither by Renault nor with the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to our Media24 colleagues, 80 executives have obtained authorisation to return to the country on board special private flights from Paris to Tangiers.

It should be noted that the Renault Group Morocco announced on 17 April that its two production plants in Tangiers and Casablanca would start up according to a specific schedule for each one, starting at the end of April.

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On the web, the anger of our fellow citizens is at its height following the news of this special repatriation. In Facebook groups, these Moroccans say they feel forgotten by their country, via the hashtags #le Maroc_ nous_a oubliƩs et #on_veut_rentrer_ chez_nous_. They call for sit-ins in front of airports, to show their anger about this unprecedented situation in which they have found themselves for the last 3 months.

On the side of the Moroccan government, the head of the Executive had stated, during a plenary session of the House of Representatives devoted to the discussion of his presentation on “the management of the containment for after May 20”, that the scenarios for the repatriation of Moroccans stranded abroad were “ready”, while hoping that “the good news will soon be announced”.

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In the same vein, the head of government had explained that not allowing Moroccans stranded abroad, including parliamentarians and senior officials, to return home was “a state decision”.

Moreover, calls for the repatriation of our fellow citizens have not ceased to multiply since the announcement of the closure of the borders, but no official decision concerning them has so far been taken by Moroccan diplomacy, which is managing the movements to and from Morocco during this period of health emergency and border closure.


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