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Operated inside his Royal Palace in Rabat, what does Mohammed VI suffer from?

The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, is said to have undergone surgery at the Royal Palace Clinic in Rabat. What can the sovereign be suffering from to the extent that he is operated on in an emergency?

Unusually, the King of Morocco would have been operated on in his royal palace in Rabat. A recurrence of the heart rhythm disorder was noted in the king; of the atrial flutter type on a healthy heart. Consequently, doctors recommended an additional ablation by radio frequency which followed this operation successfully performed this Sunday, June 14, at the Royal Palace clinic, Moroccan media revealed .

And like the previous operation undergone by King Mohammed VI in Paris on February 26, 2018, which was a complete success, Sunday’s operation was also a great success, according to the medical team including Dr. Abdelaziz Maouni, Dr. Olivier Thomas, Dr. Olivier Dubourg, Dr. Ali Chaib, Dr. Lahcen Belyamani.

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This surgery, like the previous one, was performed in the absence of the sovereign’s ex-wife, Lalla Salma, who has been missing since 2018. Since this period, King Mohammed VI has been single since that time. If he is not accompanied by his son Moulay El Hassan, the sovereign often appears alone.

The operation was suffered by King Mohammed VI at a time when the country is trying to live with the Coronavirus. A disease that the king is on the verge of mastering, given the fine performance in terms of care and protective equipment. The kingdom has become so armoured that it has taken the liberty of offering protective equipment against Covid-19 to 15 African countries.

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