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Morocco-Israel: David Govrin leaves Morocco for a few days

Faced with interpretations surrounding his departure, the head of the Israeli liaison office in Rabat, David Govrin, said on his Twitter account to have left the Kingdom for personal reasons.

At a time when clashes between Israelis and Palestinians are increasingly bloody, the departure of David Govrin, head of the Israeli liaison office in Rabat, leaves room for several interpretations, especially in a national context where many voices are raised against the military interventions of the Hebrew state in occupied Palestinian lands.

Faced with these interpretations, David Govrin took to his Twitter account to put an end to the speculation. The latter explained that his departure from the Kingdom is a family necessity, especially to support his father who is hospitalized in a delicate state of health.

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In addition, Govrin assured that he should return to Morocco after Shavuot, a Jewish religious holiday that will be celebrated between May 16 and 18.

However, the interpretations around Govrin’s departure are gaining momentum, fueled by the statements of many civil society actors who have claimed, during the past week, the expulsion of the Israeli diplomat, following the Israeli aggressions in Palestine.

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It should also be noted that in the wake of the violence of the Israeli army against the Palestinians, Rabat has allowed demonstrations in the streets to denounce the attitude of the occupation forces, despite the restrictive measures in force.