Home News Morocco has one of the world's lowest Covid-19 lethality rates

Morocco has one of the world’s lowest Covid-19 lethality rates

The World Bank has highlighted the approach adopted by Morocco in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, enabling it today to display one of the “lowest case-fatality rates in the world” and a 90% cure rate.

Indeed, the Bretton Woods Institution has underlined the commitment of the government to “continue to monitor the situation closely through increased testing capacity”. The document released Tuesday also notes that the Ministry of Health has proven resilient in managing to deploy an emergency response, develop a series of treatment protocols for Covid-19 patients and equip hospitals across the country with medical and protective equipment, while rapidly increasing bed capacity and intensive care units.

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In addition, the Ministry had to intensify its communication efforts by providing daily updates on the epidemiological situation. This required the use of an electronic information system that gathered the results of diagnostic tests, enabling real-time monitoring of the epidemic and decision-making based on reliable data.

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“Today, more than three months after the start of the crisis, Morocco has one of the lowest case-fatality rates (number of deaths in relation to the total number of infections) in the world (less than 2.6%), while 90% of cases have been cured. By imposing strict containment rules, Morocco has managed to prevent a wider spread of the epidemic and thus save the 9,200 doctors in the public sector from a situation of acute tension,” the same source said.

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While the Ministry of Health has responded to the early stages of the crisis in part by mobilizing domestic resources, it will need additional resources to manage the next stage. That is why the World Bank has allocated new funds within the framework of the Primary Health Programme in Morocco, which is already under way. To that end, it has reallocated $13.01 million of its undisbursed funds under this programme and mobilized an additional $35 million from its fast-track mechanism for pandemic assistance.

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These funds will support capacity building for patient detection through the provision of technical assistance, laboratory equipment and systems that will allow for rapid case detection and facilitate contact tracing. They also aim to help Morocco to mobilize reinforcement resources by deploying qualified and well-equipped health workers on the front line.


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