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Morocco asks Pedro Sánchez’s government for military equipment

The Moroccan armed forces (FAR) have been rearming in the last year with all kinds of state-of-the-art equipment. The Moroccan army has acquired equipment in the United States, France and also technology from the People’s Republic of China. Among the latest deliveries it has received are 168 military vehicles donated by Spain. Among these 168 vehicles are 20 Volkswagen Touaregs, 130 SUVs with grille, 18 military trucks for troop transport.

The Spanish government has also donated 10.6 million euros in surveillance equipment to reinforce the borders. In spite of the nutritious donations that Spain is making, Morocco is asking for more war material from the Iberian country. Some specialized media have been critical of Spain’s decision to hand over this material to Morocco, which is exerting pressure to snatch key positions from Spain.

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Relations between the two countries have been like this since the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, who also made donations of military material to the Moroccan armed forces (newly created in 1956). These deliveries were turned against him when Morocco used them to equip guerrillas to attack Spanish territories in Africa.