Home News Morocco, among the pioneers in the world in COVID-19 vaccination

Morocco, among the pioneers in the world in COVID-19 vaccination

Morocco, among the world’s pioneers in vaccinating its population against Covid-19.

Morocco, the first African country to launch a vaccination campaign against Covid-19, is legitimately among the first countries in the world to develop a proactive, bold and pioneering strategy to immunize its citizens against this deadly virus, Spanish newspapers report today, Friday.

Launched almost two weeks ago, this strategy is beginning to bear fruit. Almost 800,000 people have already been vaccinated in the more than 3,000 points made available to the population to ensure the good organization and success of this operation, according to the Spanish digital newspapers “tribunalibre.info” and “lasrepublicas.com”.

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In this regard, the mobilization of all the departments concerned and civil society in favor of the vaccination campaign should be highlighted, they add.

While other neighboring countries such as Algeria are still hesitating, the Kingdom of Morocco has already reached its cruising speed and plans to vaccinate 80% of the population.

To achieve this objective, HM King Mohammed VI gave his directives to the competent authorities to ensure the proper preparation and smooth running of this major national operation, from a health, logistical and technical point of view, the newspapers recall.

The Sovereign emphasized, in particular, the accessibility of the vaccine, within a social and solidarity framework, and its free availability in sufficient quantities, as well as the medical logistics of transport, storage and administration of the vaccine throughout the country and the establishment of an effective system of pre-registration of beneficiaries, report “tribunalibre.info” and “lasrepublicas.com”.

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To this end, HM the King called for the mobilization of all the services and departments concerned, in particular the health personnel, the territorial administration and the forces of order, as well as the necessary support of the Royal Armed Forces, conclude the Spanish sites.