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Morocco: accusations of spying on public figures are “surrealistic stories”.

The Moroccan government has denied, for the second time this week, the accusations of spying on several personalities, including French President Emmanuel Macron himself, calling them “surrealistic stories”.

In a statement, the government condemns what it calls “a lying, massive and malicious media campaign”, and again challenges the authors of this collective report gathered in the Forbidden Stories media consortium to “provide the minimum tangible and material proof” of this espionage, allegedly carried out through the infiltration of cell phones by means of the Pegasus program of the Israeli company NSO.

The Moroccan Executive, which at no time cites the name of Macron or of any other person, considers itself once again “the target of odious attacks, which reveal the will of certain media and NGOs to place it (the country) under their orders and their tutelage”.

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It concludes by warning that it “has opted for judicial treatment, inside and outside the country, against any party that takes up these fallacious allegations”, without giving details of how it will concretize this recourse to justice.

The accusations against Morocco of using the Pegasus program are not new, and Amnesty International published a report in 2020 in which it claimed that some notorious dissidents, such as the historian Maati Monjib or the journalist Omar Radi (currently imprisoned) had been victims of telephone infiltration, which they proved after leaving their telephones in the hands of experts from the Citizen Lab program.

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However, the revelations that have become known in recent days by Forbidden Stories allegedly show a much more extensive espionage activity, which includes foreign individuals such as politicians, journalists (including the Spanish Ignacio Cembrero), lawyers or activists committed to different causes.

Within the country, those allegedly spied on range from members of the Moroccan royal family to numerous journalists, both from national and international media.