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Mixed marriages in freefall because of Covid-19

Casablanca recorded far fewer mixed wedding celebrations this year due to the coronavirus health crisis.

Data obtained from the Social Court of First Instance of Casablanca indicate that the number of mixed marriages fell by more than 60% until November 24, 2020. In a statement to the MAP, the king’s prosecutor at this court, Malika Chgoura said that the number of such marriages sealed in metropolitan Casablanca amounted to only 506 cases, compared to 1,295 during the same period last year.

According to her explanations, several factors explain this decline: the closure of Moroccan borders for a long period and the difficulties of travel between countries, the cessation of activity at the level of specialized courts to decide on these applications for more than 3 months (mandatory confinement) and the strengthening of laws in force in this area, which aim primarily to protect and preserve the rights of Moroccan citizens wishing to marry a foreigner.

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These marriages involved 366 Moroccan citizens and involved nationals of several countries, mainly France (137 cases), Saudi Arabia (44 cases), the United States (36 cases), Turkey (32 cases), Great Britain (27 cases), Germany (22 cases), Italy (19 cases), Canada (17 cases), Egypt (15 cases), Algeria (14 cases), Spain (13 cases), Tunisia (12 cases), Qatar (11 cases), the Netherlands (10 cases), and the United Kingdom (27 cases).