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Covid19: Morocco moves towards controlling the spread of the virus

Morocco has been cited several times as an example for its management of the Covid pandemic19 and the figures of the last few days give cause for hope. Not only has the Kingdom managed to limit the number of deaths, it has also reduced the number of new infections per 24 hours. No more than 100 new infections per day. On Wednesday, May 27, only 24 cases were registered. So where does the Kingdom stand a few days away from deconfinement?

According to an HCP benchmark, Morocco is among the group of countries that are relatively little affected and that are moving towards controlling the spread of the virus. Indeed, the Kingdom is little affected by the pandemic compared to European countries such as Italy, France, Spain and Germany. It is included in group 3. However, the latter includes countries that could see their efforts altered by “premature” deconfinement. One example is Poland. In this country, the post-deconfinement trend of daily cases has started to rise again, indicating a potential rebound of the pandemic. Nevertheless, Morocco remains the best positioned among the major African countries in group 3 and the closest to switching to group 4, according to the HCP. This group includes countries that are little affected and are in the process of eradicating the pandemic (Greece, Malaysia, Tunisia…).

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For several days now, the level of transmission has been reduced in the Kingdom. “The confirmation of the downward trend in R0 will ensure that the upcoming deconfinement of part of its population dictated by obvious economic and social reasons will not cause Morocco to deviate from the trajectory that should lead it to the configuration of Group 4,” the HCP stresses. It should be noted that France, Spain, Italy and Denmark are in Group 2, which has controlled the spread even if the lethality rate remains very high in France (15.5%), Italy (14.2%) and Spain (12.2%). Finally, Group 1 is made up of countries that are heavily affected and that have not yet controlled the spread of the disease, such as Brazil, Russia, Peru and Saudi Arabia.

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