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We will give you best dvices to discover the country, people, trips and excursions

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Here are common questions asked by our friends since 2007

Some people think that Morocco is not a safe country, that is not true.

You can walk quietly through the streets of big cities, the alleys of small villages without any risk.

Of course there are, as everywhere, malicious people, but they are very few in Morocco.

Each city and village of Morocco has its own charm, you can visit the coastal cities like Agadir, Tangier, Al Hoceima, Casablanca, Rabat.

Interior cities such as Fez, Marrakech, Meknes, Oujda.

Or go to the desert and the Sahara which will offer you a landscape full of charm and warmth.

If you wish to discover Morocco and its every nook and cranny, it is preferable to book an excursion with a private driver who will also serve as your guide.

It will take you to places away from the usual tourist places and make you experience your trip as a local.

Feel free to inquire about the details of the excursion before you leave.

It depends on you, you can go to Morocco by plane, car or boat.

Airplanes have the advantage of being inexpensive but you may need to rent a car once you get there.

The car will allow you to move freely wherever you want without constraint.

The boat is a little more expensive but you enjoy a pleasant cruise.

The official language in Morocco is Arabic, in some regions the mother tongue is Berber.

However, most Moroccans speak English, French or Spanish, depending on the region.

Or at least they have the basics, so the language shouldn’t be a problem for you.

To go to Morocco a passport is enough, you do not need a visa.

Make sure your passport does not expire before your scheduled return date.

About Us

Hello there, we are Len and Thomas, we live in Morocco since 2007 and e are a happy family.

The reason we came to this wonderful country is the warm welcome of its inhabitants, the diversity of its landscapes, and its many places where you can rest with your family, participate in sports and play activities in a good mood.

Since 2009 we have been giving many tips to our family and friends, who want a total change of scenery without having to spend a fortune on transport and hotels.

Morocco offers water sports activities with its many beaches, hiking in one of its many mountains or skiing in the Atlas Mountains.
To facilitate the orientation of our relatives we have therefore put them in contact with private drivers, ryad owners and luxury camp owners in the desert.

The demand being more and more strong we have even created our own company here in Morocco that many tourists use, even local Moroccans.
The purpose of this site is therefore to share with as many people as possible our expertise on this magnificent country.



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A country rich in landscapes, mountains, beaches, deserts

Partez à l’aventure et découvrez des endroits insolites, découvrez la population locale, participez à des treks, des trips, des excursions inoubliable.
Que ça soit seul, en famille ou avec des amis !

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